OMSI is a very popular bus driving simulator developed by MR-Software. Since its initial release in 2011, it has become popular in the Hong Kong bus driving simulation groups due to its extensibility and flexibility which allows content creators for developing various vehicle and map add-ons.

This workshop, with me as the only amateur maker, aims to create real-life OMSI maps in Hong Kong where players can simulate the bus driving experience.

Hong Kong West Kowloon was so far the only planned and ongoing project. This map covers the main streets in West Kowloon including Nathan Road, Cheung Sha Wan Road, etc. The development started since 2012, and expansions are divided into different phases. The latest expansion for East Tsim Sha Tsui was completed in August 2018.

Further expansion has been paused since 2018, as LOTUS could become the next generation of bus driving simulation within the next few years (just like what happend when OMSI was out back in 2011 that almost dominated MM2). In which case, this map could be migrated to LOTUS and continue its expansion, or a different map might be created.

If you are still interested in seeing the original roadmap of Hong Kong West Kowloon, please visit this Google My Maps page.



Hong Kong West Kowloon
This map is compatible with OMSI version 2.2.032 or above only.
Addon TypeMap
Date Released2018-08-01
Bus RoutesKMB Route Numbers 2, 5A, 6C, 6F, 8A and 8P
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