HK West Kowloon 3.00
Download and Installation Instructions

Step 1: Download and Install the Main File

Download the main file HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_MainFile.7z
> Download (OneDrive)
> Download (Google Drive)

Or download the Lite version HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_MainFile_Lite.7z if a smoother playing experience with a tradeoff of texture quality is desired.
> Download (OneDrive)
> Download (Google Drive)

After the download is complete, remove the previous installation of the map (if one exists) by deleting the following directories:

  1. All directories that start with Sceneryobjects\taxidriverhk.
  2. All directories that start with Splines\taxidriverhk.
  3. The map directory maps\HK West Kowloon.

Extract the main file archive to the OMSI installation directory (the place where OMSI.exe is located in).

Step 2: Download Other Required Scenery Objects

Download all of the following scenery object add-ons.

  1. Hong Kong Street Pack by 3dtranstudio:
    > Download (3D Transport Studio)
  2. Bridge Pier and Noise Barrier by 3dtranstudio:
    > Download (3D Transport Studio)
  3. All of the building scenery objects by 3dtranstudio:
    > Download (3D Transport Studio)
  4. Hong Kong Street Objects ( by FF3170:
    > Download (OneDrive)
  5. Hong Kong Bus Stops ( by FF3170:
    > Download (OneDrive)
  6. Hong Kong Traffic Lights ( by FF3170:
    > Download (OneDrive)
  7. Hong Kong Street Objects ( by 82M Workshop:
    > Download (OneDrive)
  8. Speed Camera and Lamps ( by mice122:
    > Download (OneDrive)
  9. Barriers/Fences ( by Outstanding Creation Studio:
    > Download (OneDrive)
  10. Hong Kong Traffic Signs (SS_HKTrafficSign.ams, can be opened with WinRAR) by cktse:
    > Download (OneDrive)
  11. Hong Kong Surface Marks (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_Surface_Marks.7z) by NG1604:
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  12. Miscellaneous Scenery Objects (
    > Download (OneDrive)

For each of the downloaded archives, extract to the OMSI installation directory.

Step 3: Download Other Required Splines

Download all of the following spline add-ons.

  1. Miscellaneous Splines (
    > Download (OneDrive)

For each of the downloaded archives, extract to the OMSI installation directory.

Step 4: Download Required Vehicles

Download all of the vehicle add-ons.

  1. Dennis Enviro500 MMC by winsome:
    > Download (winsome's OMSI studio)
  2. Dennis Enviro500 by winsome:
    > Download (winsome's OMSI studio)
  3. Dennis Enviro400 by winsome:
    > Download (winsome's OMSI studio)
  4. All vehicles (except Kyoto Taxi) by 3dtranstudio::
    > Download (3D Transport Studio)
  5. MAN F90 Static Vehicle ( by JG249:
    > Download (OneDrive)

The following vehicles require a HKBF membership to access. If you don't have a HKBF membership, then please follow the steps below.

The AI buses are required for spawning computer-controlled buses on the map, they are used because their details are low enough that will not have much impact on the overall frame rate. But if you are unable to download the AI buses due to lack of HKBF membership, then please modify the file maps\HK West Kowloon\ailists.cfg to replace the buses with any of the buses you have (for example, winsome's Dennis Enviro500, where everyone should be able to download).

One example is to replace all lines that are in format AI.bus with vehicles\Dennis_Eniro500\ATE_MKI_AI.bus under [ailists] section of the ailists.cfg file.

Or you can download this file if you still don't follow the instructions above, extract the file to maps\HK West Kowloon.
Or this file if you have the lite version of the map, extract to maps\HK West Kowloon - Lite.

If you have a HKBF membership, then please download all of the following vehicles:

  1. KMB Dennis E400/E500MMC AI by NE 714:
    > Download (HKBF)
  2. KMB Volvo Olympian/B9TL AI by NE 714:
    > Download (HKBF)
  3. Hong Kong AI Buses Collection by M3 Studio:
    > Download (HKBF)

Please follow the instructions specified on each of their pages to install the vehicles.

Step 5: Download HOF Files

If you have any of the following vehicles, then please download the corresponding HOF file packs and route display files.
Please note that the route display and stop announcement for some of them may not be complete.

  1. Alexander Dennis Enviro200 by GX7767 Studio (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_AASHOF.7z):
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  2. Dennis Enviro500 by winsome (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_E500HOF.7z):
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  3. Dennis Enviro500 MMC by winsome (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_E500MMCV2HOF.7z):
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  4. Dennis Enviro400 by winsome and Dennis AI Buses by NE714 (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_E400&DennisAIHOF.7z):
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  5. Volvo B9TL AI by NE714 (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_B9TLAIHOF.7z):
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  6. GX7767 Studio's Buses with Hanover Orange Display (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_GX7767HanoverOrangeHOF.7z):
    (ex. ADL Enviro500 MMC)
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  7. GX7767 Studio's Buses with Hanover Green Display (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_GX7767HanoverGreenHOF.7z):
    (ex. Neoplan Centroliner)
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
  8. GX7767 Studio's Buses with Plastic Display (HK_West_Kowloon_3.00_GX7767PlasticDisplayHOF.7z):
    (ex. Dennis Dragon 12M Air-conditioned)
    > Download (OneDrive)
    > Download (Google Drive)
Step 6: Load and Play the Map

If you are loading the map for the first time, then select Load map without buses before starting the game.

Choose the depot the starts with HK West Kowloon when adding a bus to the map.
(Note: for GX7767's buses, some of them have two depots. While HK West Kowloon - Star Ferry is for KMB routes 2, 6, 8 and 8P, the other one HK West Kowloon - Kowloon City is for KMB routes 5A, 6C and 6F).

To play stop announcements with non-GX7767-made vehicles, please use the following codes to load the stop announcements.

    Route 2, Star Ferry >> So Uk
    IBIS: 2001 | Route: 01
    Route 2, So Uk >> Star Ferry
    IBIS: 2002 | Route: 02
    Route 5A, Shing Tak Street >> Star Ferry
    IBIS: 51001 | Route: 01
    Route 5A, Star Ferry >> Shing Tak Street
    IBIS: 51002 | Route: 02
    Route 6, Star Ferry >> Lai Chi Kok
    IBIS: 6001 | Route: 01
    Route 6, Lai Chi Kok >> Star Ferry
    IBIS: 6002 | Route: 02
    Route 6C, Mei Foo >> Kowloon City Ferry
    IBIS: 63001 | Route: 01
    Route 6C, Kowloon City Ferry >> Mei Foo
    IBIS: 63002 | Route: 02
    Route 6F, Lai Kok >> Kowloon City Ferry
    IBIS: 66001 | Route: 01
    Route 6F, Kowloon City Ferry >> Lai Kok
    IBIS: 66002 | Route: 02
    Route 8A, Whampoa Garden >> Tsim Sha Tsui (Circular)
    IBIS: 81001 | Route: 01
    Route 8P, Laguna Verde >> Tsim Sha Tsui (Circular)
    IBIS: 81601 | Route: 01

Step 7: Change/Updates and Known Problems
  1. Added FreeTex bus stops and bus huts under Sceneryobjects\taxidriverhk_busstops. So the bus stops under maps\HK West Kowloon\Bus Stops are replaced with those FreeTex bus stops.
  2. KMB routes 6X and 212 are removed from the map because they have been cancelled in real life.
  3. Reconstructed few of the buildings on Nathan Road (including Grand Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui station, etc.), and replaced the construction sites on Castle Peak Road with the newly established residential complexes (including Heya).
  4. Some of the roads including Chatham Road North and Hing Wah Street are reconstructed to match the latest layout in real life.
Known Problems
  1. If Load whole map at start is not enabled from the options, then when players drive a long route like 6C, some of the tiles could not be loaded at some point, making the players unable to continue the trip.
  2. Although the vehicles stop because of pedestrian waiting on curbside is fixed for most of the intersections, there are still some intersections having this issue. One workaround is to move the camera (using right mouse button) to somewhere far from the intersection, then move back to the bus to reset the state of vehicles and pedestrians.
  3. Sometimes, on some of the roads (especially Hung Hom Bypass and Mongkok Road intersection), the vehicles may cut into the lane and break into stop suddenly. So drive more carefully in those sections and keep your distance.
  4. For other issues that are already reported, please refer to here for the list.
Step 8: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are facing issues when playing the map, please read the following FAQs first. They have solved most of the common issues players encounter.

  1. Question 1: After the map is loaded, nothing shows is on the map, only the sky can be seen.
    Possible Solution 1: In OMSI2, even missing one object, spline or vehicle will make the entire map not able to load, so make sure you have downloaded everything required as stated in the previous steps. If you could not figure out what objects/splines are missing, you can use OMSI Map Tools to find out.
  2. Question 2: Error occurs during Loading Environmental Vehicles stage.
    Possible Solution 2: Try to reduce the number of AI vehicles and buses by at least 50%.
  3. Question 3: Datei nicht gefunden or Ungultiger dateiname error message appears.
    Possible Solution 3: Make sure you have the final version of Volvo Olympian B10T and V1.1 of E500 (with 1.01 addon). Also download HKSouth map (can be Googled easily).
  4. Question 4: There is at least one invalid track entry: *_*, Nr. *!.
    Possible Solution 4: Use Load map without buses when loading the map at start screen. Also make sure that you have removed the previous install of this map before going to extract a new one.

If you still cannot solve the problem(s) after using the above solution(s), then please reproduce the issue first and then email me at [this website's domain name]at[gmail]dot[com] with the details about the issue and have logfile.txt (in OMSI main directory) attached, so I can try to help figure out what happened.

Step 9: Copy Right Disclaimer and Credits
Copy Right Disclaimer

If you would like to add or modify this map, please read through the copyright disclaimer below first: Although I will temporarily suspend the expansion of the map for some period of time, there is still a chance that I will resume the development.

  1. Feel free to share this website to another places.
  2. You are free to use all of the scenery objects and splines (including the intersection objects which were previously not allowed to use).
  3. If you wish to modify/expand the map by adding/modifying objects, you are welcome to do so. But credit to the original author should be given when releasing the map.
  4. Do not take any files for commercial purposes such as selling or requiring people to pay for this map.
  5. Just for clarification, I can give the map (including 3D object source files in .blend format) to those who need for other types of development upon my permission with no charge. I will never use this map for any commercial purposes including selling. I would like to tell the public that making this map is not for money, but for people to enjoy driving simulation in Hong Kong.

I would like to sincerely thank the people/groups below for making the release of this map possible. Without them, this map cannot be created with good quality (maybe you don't think it's good), or this map will not even exist. The names and groups are not ordered by anything.

  1. Google Maps, QQ Maps and HK Gov Street Map for providing most of the textures of the scenery objects, and also the road structures.
  2. 3dtranstudio for Hong Kong street objects.
  3. FF3170 for some of the splines and many of the street objects especially traffic lights and temporary bus huts.
  4. H-Studio for the Hong Kong style fences and railings.
  5. HKBRDA and Stopreporter for providing the stop announcement recordings and route display images.
  6. william970216 and 筒隱月子BB for helping me taking pictures of So Uk and Mei Foo, which are used as many of the textures of such street objects and buildings.
Step 10: Enjoy!

You are all set! Hope you enjoy the map!