I started making addon maps for Counter Strike 1.6 in 2008. All of the maps made feature Hong Kong themes (ex. public housing, MTR station, etc.).

Since my mapping skills in the beginning was inexperienced, the first few maps had bugs and quality failures, so they are not released here. As I gain more experience, the following maps created have much better quality and playability, they are recognized by many CS players.

However, as the number of active CS players has been drastically decrasing in these years, I have stopped making new maps since 2012. But this does not mean I will never make one again, that is why I still want to maintain this website to ensure the existing and new maps can be shared to the players.

Installation Instructions

Unless otherwise specified, simply extract all of the files and directories into Counter Strike's main installation directory (ex. C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike). Also, if you want to play with BOT players, please use the navigation file (if one is included) for the best playing experience.